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Unique creative toy gifts can win the gift market
Time:2018.07.25 News Sources:Dong Guan Xin Yao Toys Co.,Ltd
In order to cater to the various fashion trends and consumer demands in the gift toy market, the word "creative" has never been as important as this year. "Almost every year, the production and sales of toys and other products will have a wave of peaks, and this peak period is not related to the festival itself, in fact, it is inseparable from the product itself." A person specializing in toy manufacturing production People said that the toy orders in 2015 are similar to those in previous years. Every year, two months before Christmas, toy production has already started to produce horsepower, in order to get more in this peak period. The opportunity to develop. Taking the plush toy products as an example, in order to meet the market demand, the design, manufacturing and production links of toy products have to adapt to the trend. What kind of toy products popular in the previous year, what kind of popular elements are popular in 2015, There is a certain reference to the design, manufacturing and production in 2016, but this is not a constant piece of paper. After all, the uniqueness of the product features is “live”. "There are characteristics, only vitality; there is vitality, only market competitiveness." This sentence has been recognized by most people. According to an early education educator, when the toy products were still very simple, people didn’t have such awareness. The diversified toy market is completely different today, so the kindergarten is now the most affected by the children. In terms of a jigsaw puzzle that parents like, a wooden jigsaw puzzle has the most fascinating features in addition to being safe and playable. A wooden jigsaw puzzle product is of course mainly based on educational content. However, the cultural connotation it is given also makes some parents (including kindergarten teachers) very fascinated. Some fans of educational toys also have a fancy to their collections. The value of this wooden jigsaw puzzle product has been widely promoted in a short time. If you compare a jigsaw puzzle with only animal patterns to a jigsaw puzzle with three-character Chinese cultural content, it goes without saying that the latter's audience will be higher than the former, which is the best proof of winning the market. An industry insider of a toy association once said that we are making toys, but this toy is not only a safe and beautiful toy, we are a toy with a sense of time, creativity and rich connotation. This is true. Many times, in order to make our products more full, we have to integrate some elements that make the products more vital and more distinctive, in order to attract people's attention.
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