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Parents should carefully identify the quality of plush toys
Time:2018.07.25 News Sources:Dong Guan Xin Yao Toys Co.,Ltd
Cute plush toys are loved by every child. Plush toys have super cute shapes and expressions, which make children love it. However, Xin Yao needs to remind parents to pay attention to the quality of toys when purchasing toys for children. The method of detection is to first touch the surface of the toy by hand to see how the touch is, the surface should not have burrs, and the edges should be smooth, so as to prevent the baby from cutting the skin while playing. Look carefully at the toy for detachable small parts, such as buttons on the doll's body or animal's eyes, nose, etc. Try to use a few hands to see if there is looseness, to prevent the baby from taking these things into the mouth. .

A good quality plush toy can be judged according to the feel of the hand, and the surface plush of the plush toy can be pulled with a finger. Fabrics that work well are not easy to rip with fingers, while imitations or counterfeits are easy to shed. This is because the outer fabric of good quality is very compact in the weaving process, and the attached plush is not easy to be dragged.

At the same time, parents should pay attention to the cleaning of plush toys, which can provide children with safety when they come into contact with toys, avoid contamination by mold and mites, and extend the life of toys. Note that after the toy is cleaned and dried, comb it in the direction of the fur with a clean comb or similar tool to make the fur smooth and beautiful. Use a steam iron with a high power to gently reciprocate the fluff on the fluff, and also have a certain sterilization and decontamination effect.
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