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Specific classification of plush toys
Time:2018.07.25 News Sources:Dong Guan Xin Yao Toys Co.,Ltd
A plush toy is a kind of toy. It is a toy made of plush fabric + pp cotton and other textile materials. The toy is made of various fillers. The English name is (plushtoy), which can also be called soft. Softtoy, stuffedtoy China's Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao regions are called "plush dolls." At present, we are habitually referred to the plush toy industry as a plush toy.

Plush toys are classified into the following four categories according to the characteristics of the products:
1, according to whether the filling can be divided into filled toys and unfilled toys;
2, the stuffed toys are divided into plush stuffed toys, velvet stuffed toys, plush stuffed toys according to the different appearances;
3, according to the production characteristics of plush toys, the products basically have fillers, so it can be said in general terms that plush toys, cloth toys, simply filled toys
4, according to the appearance of the toy can be divided into filled animal toys, equipped with high intelligence electronics, movement, audio animal toys or dolls, various holiday gift toys;
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