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Things to pay attention to when purchasing qualified plush toys
Time:2018.07.25 News Sources:Dong Guan Xin Yao Toys Co.,Ltd
In modern society, all kinds of toys are filled with various shops, and there are many kinds of toys, including plush toys.

As a kind of toy, plush toys are made of plush fabric and other textile materials, and are filled with various fillers. Qualified plush toys must not only have 3C certification mark, main materials or ingredients, safety warnings, maintenance methods, implementation standard code, age group, product certificate, etc., and the internal filler must be non-toxic and harmless. , non-removable small parts must also meet the specified tensile strength standards, so that you have a reference when buying plush toys.

The main method is to first observe the outer cloth velvet material when purchasing toys. The raw material grade is an important factor to determine the quality of the plush toy. Secondly, pay attention to the filling inside the plush toy. The good filling cotton feels like a down jacket. The same, it feels very soft and very uniform, there will be no foreign body and hard object; once again, check if the gadget is firm and the eyes of the toy. The nose and protrusions need to withstand a certain amount of tension. Finally, we must recognize the product trademark and purchase the products of regular manufacturers.
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